Our History


Established in 1999. Started by Janet Brady, Mark Brady and "Grandma" - Janet's Mom. Janet started making jewelery at the young age of 8, diving for unique stones in Lake Huron every day at their family cottage in Canada. Janet tumbled those treasured stones in her rock tumbler all summer and from those stones came her first unique pieces set in gold and silver. Every summer she would continue to expand her collection diving for new stones in the crisp Lake Huron waters.

Grandma made the store a smashing success from the very first day! The family tradition of amazing unique jewelry being the lasting family legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation is the passion of Double Diamond Jewelry. In fact when Janet, Mark and "Grandma" were brainstorming one night what to call their new jewelry store at a late family dinner at the resort after working to finish setting-up their new store Janet and Mark's youngest son, Calvin at age 4 chimed into the conversation saying "wait - I know what to call our store!! We are all family working together so we should call it "The Family Jewels!" Janet and Mark will never forget that moment and actually considered using Calvin's innocent recommendation for the name. However their older son Maclane being a Far West ski racer then chimed in saying we are all skiers, how about we call it "Double Diamond Jewelry" our favorite runs to ski! Everyone agreed and "Double Diamond Jewelry" was born!